Letters to the Editor 01/06/16


I’m glad you were able to take action on the Post Office on Texas Parkway …but the Glenn Lakes facility also has issues.

They have changed their hours to 8:30am-4:30pm [even though the web site says differently] — how is one suppose to work and get their mail when a signature in person is required?

Also there is a lack of parking..and a drive-through mailbox like Sugar Land has would be nice.  The City even offered to pay for it [according to Mayor Owen, but the Postal Service turned them down.

—Doug Acker


I do feel we do have too many mattress stores right now.  It is kind of like the old joke “how many people does it take to screw in a light bulb?”  Well ask yourself “how many mattress stores do you need to sell mattresses?”  Every time you look another one is opening.

Missouri City is sorely lacking in good restaurants.  Why can’t we attract these type of businesses in our city?

I can honestly say I am tired of only having fast food types of restaurants in Missouri City, we need to expand our horizons further than just the fast food concept.

–Susan Rhodes
Missouri City

A year marred by personal tragedy

Your column about the loss of your baby girl, Evie, brought me to tears.  I am so sorry for the loss you and your wife have experienced.  I think that if you have other children, you will be a good and loving dad as evidenced by your expressed desire, your empathy when your wife wanted to add Flutie to your family, and your ability to express your emotions about your personal experience.  Thank you for sharing.

— Donna Golemi

Thank you for including Dave as a finalist in the Fort Bend Star of the Year. The article was well written and there were many impressive volunteers. Dave was very surprised, as I hadn’t told him anything.

I also want to extend my condolences on the loss of your daughter Evie. I think losing a child has to be the worst thing for any parent. Thank you for sharing your story yesterday in the paper. I  hope that 2016 will bring a better future for you and your wife, although I know Evie’s loss will be with you forever….

—Marilyn Van Kleeck

Thank you so very much for sharing your personal story in the Dec. 30 issue of The Fort Bend Star.  A wonderful message of courage and strength for your readers.  May 2016 be a year of good health and much joy for you and your wife.

With much appreciation and admiration,
—Jay Silver

Beautifully written. I’m so sorry for your loss.
– Jenny Jurica

Thank you for sharing your story in the last issue of The Star. I am somewhat aware of your pain but not really. almost 34 years ago my son David was born three months early. He had CP, hydrocephalus, is legally blind, has never taken one step without assistance and had a PDA of the heart. He weighed one pound and 15 ounces, and the doctors said that he would probably not make it. David stayed in the hospital for 100 days in NICU. His life has never been that of a normal boy or man. Initially, I cried every day for about 2-3 years. I knew that I had to get busy and get him some services and with the expertise of his mother who had a doctorate in counseling we probably got him more services than most kids in his situation. At 19, we discovered that his mom had breast, liver, bone and finally brain cancer and she passed in 2003. I was alone with a 21 year old who is very smart in school but has no social or street skills. I re-acquainted myself with my high school girlfriend at the end of 2004, we were married and she has become my rock and my trusted adviser. I still cry but not as often when I see David struggle to walk or do things that most folks take for granted. I know that one day, I wont be here to take care of him and he will be at the will of the State and that worries me a lot. He is number 18,000 on the list for housing in just this area of Texas and has been on the list for 15 years. His life holds very little promise after Kathleen and I are gone but I pray that by some miracle, he will be taken care of.

–Jim White

So sorry for your loss. Faith binds our belief that we’ll see again and all questions will be answered as to why. Thanks for sharing this tough event. Better days ahead for you and your family.

–Deron Harrington

Sorry to hear about your loss. This holiday season must have been difficult for you and your wife.

–Irvin Smith
Missouri City

Michael, I want to commend you for your editorial about losing your daughter, Evie.  I was deeply touched by it and your courageous recounting of your emotions during that period.  So many times our sympathies go to the mother, assuming incorrectly, that dads are not as deeply hurt. Thank you for helping to heal that misconception.

Don and I lost our amazing son, Chip, to cancer.  It was 10 years ago but it was yesterday.  I can promise you that you will never forget your baby girl, she will always be your child, and that your writing about it did her proud.

I know you fear that losing her so early in her life will make it seem as if she was never real to the rest of the world or capable of giving such joy and such sorrow.  She was a powerful little girl.  With your permission, Don and I would like to place a children’s book in the Fort Bend County library with her name in it to honor the joy she brought you and your family.

Thank you again for your courage and your story-telling skills.

–Susan Bankston

Editor’s Note: Yes, my wife and I would be honored if you and Don donated a book in Evie’s name. Thank you!

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