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Letters to the Editor 01/27/16


To fix the Fort Bend and Texas justice systems, public voters must break silent needs by helping elect new leaders with a clean record that proves their leadership. Fort Bend has a broken justice system because elected officials are withholding legal advice from the public for justice needs. Without legal advice from all local and state elected officials for representation, injustice will just continue to spread more into Fort Bend and Texas that have a broken justice system today.

–Rodrigo Carreon


I think your voluntary contribution program idea has merit. Certainly if other similar newspapers have done it successfully, it couldn’t hurt to try.

I think I saw a piece on 60 Minutes, some time ago, regarding a small town newspaper in Kansas. They asked the editor what was his secret to success. He said that his father, who was the prior editor, told him to include the names of 200 local people in every issue – not a bad concept for any small local newspaper.

— John C. Whiteman

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