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Letters to the Editor 02/17/16

Missouri City Crime Concerns

Over the past couple of months, my subdivision and those nearby have been hit by several burglaries and driveway robberies that have received news coverage and surprised, angered, and caused some serious reflection among many residents.  The introduction of criminal activity into any neighborhood really does cause residents to coalesce and reason together as to how to best meet this new threat which seems everywhere in Fort Bend County these days.

What is surprising too is that our neighborhoods with nice tree canopies (that shield street lights), easy access to main thoroughfares, and a large number of unarmed and unaware residents provide the perfect opportunity and target for these types of robberies to occur.  Neighborhood Watch, which no one seems interested in participating in, is one of the best deterrents to driveway robberies and home invasions. Outside cameras, which few residents have, are a powerful tool in apprehending suspected burglars and, in fact, were key to solving a string of burglary cases in my neighborhood. So, I guess my point is that that we are all woefully unprepared for the crime onslaught that comes with continued development of the areas close to our neighborhoods. Our options are to continue to ignore the threat and very possibly become one of its victims or put in place deterrents that will help us and our families to keep safe.

I am very impressed by the willingness of HOAs and law enforcement to help us deal with crime. Crime happens in all of our communities and dealing with it constructively and proactively makes good sense.

— Howard Moline
Missouri City

Thank you

Kathleen and I attended the Skeeters Murder Mystery last night.  We couldn’t have asked for a better night. We had a table of super sleuths.  What a wonderful evening and thank you, the Star, and the Sugar Land Skeeters for making this a wonderful Valentines.

— Jim White  
Missouri City

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