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Letters to the Editor 12/02/15

Pet of the Week feedback

I like what you are doing with the Pets of the Week column. It helps animal lovers who have lost a pet or just want a new friend. This gives animals a voice to be heard, so that they get the chance to live in a home that loves them. This is a great thing you guys do and should continue to do. Thank you for your time.

— Will Sturhan

Supporting the Troops…

The Nov. 11 lead story about veteran Zamora was absolutely first rate.

What a fine tribute for a fine man.

Thank you for your support of the Fort Bend Community.

Yours truly,
— Bob Morecook
American Legion Post 942

Football Coaches are overpaid

I enjoyed your column about should Fort Bend ISD football coaches be evaluated on their team’s performance.

After seeing some of their salaries, I think a very prudent thing to look at us what do they do once football season is over.

What a waste of taxpayer money.

Regarding should they be evaluated on performance of team. Most will argue that they should not given they have no control over the talent in their programs.   I tend to agree. But following this logic, they should also not be rewarded for winning.

–Mary Wortham

Rep Miller to run for re-election 

During the 84th Legislative Session, Rep. Rick Miller turned down public voters’ offer for the right to elect each board member of all Central Appraisal Districts in each county of Texas. Public voters’ rights to elect them will help protect all appraisal values for all house dreams to stand.

–Rodrigo Carreon

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