Letters to the Editor 12/09/15

U.S Mail, A plea for help

I Moved to Sugar Land a bit under a year ago. In Under a year, i have experienced difficulties with U.S. mail more than the 42 years i have been in the good old U.S.A. Complaining to the Sugar Land post office over the phone does not seem to help. Therefore, i go public with my and my neighbor’s difficulties.

It all started with me getting mail that is not mine. So, i write on the envelop: not at this address and put the mail in the outgoing box. Low and behold, i got the same mail again. After calling the post office and complaining(and explaining that they are forcing me to commit a crime-tampering with U.S. mail) , these type of annoyances stopped. Now we get to the more serious stuff:

• People not getting their utilities bills and getting their service disconnected because they did not pay their bill in time.

• Neighbors not getting their Social security checks in time to pay their bills!

• Mail opened by the wrong person(where the mail was delivered by mistake) showing sensitive personal information (such as SSN).

• Mail containing important Sugar Land Tax bills is delivered to the wrong address. I have experienced this myself first hand when my neighbor knocked on the door to deliver the tax bill that was put in their mail box!

Now, proving to a utility company or the city of Sugar Land that you did not receive a bill is hard. You are guilty until proven innocent.

Contacting the post master did not resolve the issue!

The question is: can something be done to ensure that people get their mail in River Park?

Does this issue involve ‘foreign’ name recipients only?

I am able to produce evidence of my allegations!.

—Ahmad Khashan
Sugar Land

Thank you

With all of the bad things happening and elected officials getting into trouble, its time to talk about someone in government who always does her job. Sharon Valiente of Missouri City Public Works is this person. I dont always agree with things the city does, but when you really need something done, Sharon is the “go to” person.

We were having trouble with bees close to one of the Missouri City Schools last spring and summer,, Sharon and Councilman Maroulis came to the rescue. Recently, our neighborhood was having trouble getting a street light repaired. It had been out about 5 weeks as a result of wind damage from the most recent wind and rain storm. I had reported the problem about 10 times to Center Point, other neighbors reported it about 25 times. Center Point kept saying that the job had been done and the light was fixed. I knew that it wasnt because I had to looked at a dark street light every night for about 5 weeks.

Finally, I contacted Sharon. She called her contact at Center Point and was told by them that it would be repaired that day. Surely enough, when it got dark that night, the light was on.

Our entire neighborhood says thank you to Ms Valiente.

— Jim White
Missouri City

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