One-on-one with Swatson

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By Joe Southern

OneonOneIt ain’t easy being green … big and hairy.

For the Sugar Land Skeeters, their mascot Swatson lives a bug’s life at Constellation Field. The Fort Bend Star recently interviewed Swatson about his life with the Skeeters. His answers below have been translated from his buzzing and squeaks.

FBS: What are your favorite game-day activities?

Swatson: On game-day, I love to “bug” people. I consider it my job even though it is more of a hobby.

FBS: Are there particular players or coaches you like to pick on?

OneonOne2Swatson: Ricky Hague, for instance, always jokes with me more than others and always chuckles when interacting with me. Jeremy Barfield, Derrick Loop and I have an interesting relationship. They always pull pranks on me more than others. I sometimes plays catch with the audience pregame and one game I pelted “Barf” (Barfield) with a tennis ball in the rear end and Jeremy grabbed the ball and threw it over the stadium as far as he usually can hit it… which is pretty far. Josh Prince and Beamer Weems are like big brothers to me as well. They always harass me during pregame and in the locker room all in good fun.

FBS: What is the best way for a fan to get your attention for pictures or hugs? (Are there things fans should not do?)

Swatson: Ask politely. We have so many fans who try to pull and tug on me during a game like the last piece of pizza, but honestly, if you just get in front of me and ask nicely for a picture I will try to stop for you. Also, call me by name – Swatson!

OneonOne3FBS: What do you do in the off-season or when the team is out of town?

Swatson: I always stay busy. I’ve made around 150 appearances since the end of last season. I stay active within the community whether it’s a grand opening for a store, a 5K or parade, or our reading program for schools and libraries. I enjoy creating buzz for the Skeeters any chance I get.

FBS: Are you friends with other mascots in the area? Who?

Swatson: I was inducted in the FURturnity when the Skeeters arrived here in Sugar Land. All the mascots in the Houston area conspire to create better entertainment our fans. My best friends are Auto, Diesel, Orbit, Clutch and Toro. Those guys are the Kings of the Town.

OneonOne4FBS: Do you have any particular charities or causes you support?

Swatson: The Skeeters Foundation aims at making a difference in the lives of children through the promotion of education and healthy activities. We support all local charities through appearances, fundraising, and donations. I think I can speak for most mascots in the sense that we all love making hospital visits because those are the ones that need it and they really do make a difference. You can bring out emotions that patients are really needing and it plucks at my heartstrings to make a kid smile.

FBS: Do you have favorite tricks or gags you like to do?

OneonOne5Swatson: I love pulling pranks on people. I have three or four whoopee cushions I like to use. I like to flirt with the girls and ride my unicycle down the concourse to distract everyone during a rain delay. All of my other favorite tricks are for people to see themselves when they come to the ballpark.

FBS: How can someone schedule an appearance with you?

Swatson: Go to our website and go to my page for more info.

FBS: Who are your favorite celebrities and athletes?

OneonOne6Swatson: My favorite celebrities are Emma SWATson and BEE BEE King. My favorite athletes are JJ SWatt, Randy MOTH, George STINGer and Kevin DurANT.

FBS: What are your favorite foods, drinks, music and movies?

Swatson: I prefer ballpark hot dogs and cotton candy and drinking bug juice! I love listening to The Beetles, Skeeter Davis and Papa ROACH. My favorite movies are A Bug’s Life, Antz, and Wedding Crashers.

See Related Article: Behind the scenes with the Skeeters’ Swatson

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