Sugar Land male model on best seller book covers

By Elsa Maxey

Book signing with author/publisher Stephanie Taylor and Rob Bierman in Dallas in May

Book signing with author/publisher Stephanie Taylor and Rob Bierman in Dallas in May

Twenty-five year old Rob Bierman of Sugar Land is on his way to expanding what may be a career as a book cover model, something that started quite accidentally. Already the cover model on two #1 international bestsellers, the 2009 Clements High School and recent Texas A&M University graduate started out by posing in cowboy regalia on Stephanie Taylor’s Inside and Out romance novel. What followed was the cover spot on Supremacy by Andy Lewter, reportedly now available on Amazon as of a couple of weeks ago; and, after a one-on-one in Dallas this year with the well known author E.L. James of Fifty Shades of Grey, Bierman may just be landing on top of one of her books in the near future.

The native Texan is amazed at how he landed the first job, he tells the Star. It was for Taylor’s romance novel. We hear that almost all romance novel covers use stock photos, but it looks like for Taylor’s book, that just would not do. Bierman was spotted, in all places, on Facebook. He created a public figure page almost two years ago, while he was still in college majoring in an agricultural field. That’s when he posted photos wearing a cowboy hat on campus, also one alongside a horse and many others taken by classmates, friends, and “peope out in the farms,” he said, “just for fun.” That led to a flurry of contacts and followers globally for the young man who likes personal privacy, which is what led him to create the public page “to talk about animals, college life matters,” and things outside his private life. “Within five months, I had about 10,000 people following this country cowboy page,” said Bierman, “from people sharing the same interests.” That’s where his heart is, he confesses, in the agricultural field coupled with hobbies that range from animals to country or rock music, motorcycles, big trucks and a dedication to a strong work ethic.

Inside OutBierman works with his dad, who owns a chrome business in Houston in the Memorial area that he will probably own one day since he already helps in a managerial capacity, where he has worked for the past two years. He’s “sadly single,” he said, sans girlfriend at present, but with his coveted role as a book model, that may not be the case much longer. For the cover model photo shoots, he was asked to wear country cowboy attire by organizers in Alabama. That’s what had attracted several authors that contacted him on Facebook for what Bierman “thought was too good to be true” being cautious and mindful with a bit of skepticism. He didn’t jump at the chance and let several months go by. But after the first photo shoot in Houston of 50 to 100 pictures from where the favorite was selected, it seems like he knew he had fallen into what turns out to be a career for many. The book with the cowboy photo is about a love story. The cowboy in the novel has “good morals” and is ethical. A book, he said his mom, who’s an avid reader, has read more than once. “She cried” with joy when she found out I was on the cover and “my dad thinks it’s very, very cool” as do his Sugar Land friends, who to his surprise read romance novels.

What Bierman remembers well for a job that pays “pretty good,” is that he was told not to smile during the photo shoot. “You want to be serious,” the photographer told him. A look at book on the store shelves show “90 percent of those on the cover have a serious look on their face,” he said. Bierman’s book cover photo of the vampire themed three-book series, Supremacy, shows no smile on him for that one, either.

Supremacy 1He’s read the books with photos of him on the cover, and admits that the characters he personifies are much like him. They have “a romantic side and show respect to women.” He said he was offered to another book cover opportunity, but turned it down since he did not support the image of him to be portrayed as un-gentlemanly and “I did not want to be associated with that.” Being a cover model, he said,is not for everyone. “It sounds cool and there are very liked models and some not,” many of whom he’s met at book cover conventions in Texas and in Las Vegas, where he will also be this month. He’s already had practice doing autographs and signed over 500 books one evening back in May, when he first made his debut.

Bierman’s said he’s done everything from farming, to working out in the oil field and now dedicates himself to the metal shop, and “I have always been a romantic one of heart,” he said. For a look of his philosophy of manhood at such a young age, readers are invited to check this story online. Bierman has one sister, who’s attending Texas A&M and is also majoring in the agricultural field. His parents are Criag and Doreen Bierman.

The cover model who did not audition for the book covers, he says people always want to know from where he hail. “Sugar Land I’m always happy to say.”

Byron Holland Freeman of Richmond

Byron Holland Freeman of Richmond

And this writer is happy to say that this month, Byron Holland Freeman, joined the Fort Bend community making me a member of the grandparents club. “Mumsa” will be the name I will go by, but I’m told he may just make up a name for me. Congratulations to the proud parents, Derek and Daniela (my daughter) Freeman of Richmond.

Rob Bierman’s philosophy
“Basically I have worked with my hands all my life, everything from farming, to the oil field to currently working at a metal shop.  But i have always been a romantic one of heart.  So, when I was contacted, I thought, man, this is right up my ally.  At my age in this time and area it seems that this society as a whole has rewritten the classification of a man.  A real man to me has nothing to do with looks or sex appeal but (is) someone with morals and loyalty, a protector to his family and friends, a person who goes to work, and after work he treats a lady with respect.  And that’s the mantra that I have going with these book signings and that’s kind of what I have molding in my mind after reading more of these romantic things.  That life is not about money and what somebody looks like, but what’s in the heart.  That’s kind of how I see it. “
Favorite Quote:  Being tough isn’t always that hard to do, but being gentle, now that takes a real man.  


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