Pictured is a sign at the edge of Harvest Green, a master-planned community in Houston. Residents of Harvest Green are served by MUD 134E. Jason Kirby, a board member of the MUD, led the opposition to a proposal by Agmenity to annex a 288 acre plot of land near Harlem Road and would have added an additional $40 million tax burden to residents. The proposal was rejected in a Dec. 16 board meeting. (Photo by Stefan Modrich)

Johnson Development has closed on the purchase of a 630-acre parcel of land that will soon be home to more than 1,000 homesites adjacent to the already-burgeoning Harvest Green subdivision in Richmond, according to a news release from the Houston-based home developer.

The news release said Harvest Green’s newest section, which should have homesites ready for sale by the second quarter of 2022, will feature a variety of home styles, with designs for properties ranging from 40 feet wide to 75 feet wide. Johnson Development said it will also offer additional community amenities such as parks, trails, green space and a pool upon completion.

“Our farm-themed community has resonated with buyers looking for a more sustainable lifestyle,” Harvest Green general manager Jerry Ulke said. “… This additional land will meet that obvious demand.”

The section will add to existing amenities in the 1,300-acre Harvest Green development, such as the 12-acre village farm, a fitness center and a recreation complex, according to Johnson Development. It will add about 1,400 homes to Harvest Green’s master plan.

For more information about the Harvest Green subdivision, community members can visit its website at

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