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The broken ground and smattering of building materials near the intersection of Kirkwood Road and Highway 90A are the most visible signs of an ongoing $19 million project to add two new industrial buildings to a city known for its business development.

Crews are at work on a project called Kirkwood Industrial, under which they will construct two industrial shell buildings with a detention pond, according to Tatyana Luttenschlager, city planner for Stafford.

The finished product will look similar to other development next door, Luttenschlager said.

“No tenants yet as these are shell buildings,” Luttenschlager said.

A request for comment sent to the developer behind the project, Crow Holdings Industrial, went unreturned as of Monday afternoon.

Crow Holdings, the Dallas-based parent company, is a privately-owned real estate investment management and development firm that first opened in 1948, according to the company’s website. The company manages assets worth a combined $21 billion and has 17 different offices.

Included in the company’s portfolio are several other projects in Fort Bend County. The Stafford Grove Industrial Park, for instance, opened in 2017 and offers 351,960 square feet of distribution space on Airport Boulevard in Stafford, according to the company’s website.

The company’s website also lists another ongoing construction project, called Weatherford Farms, on Murphy Road in Stafford. That project will construct more than 568,000 square feet of industrial development, according to the website.

Because the developers haven’t yet finished the project or leased the space, it’s not yet clear what it might mean for Stafford’s municipal budget, Luttenschlager said.

Stafford, in contrast to most cities in Texas, abolished its property tax in 1995 and is heavily reliant on sales tax revenues to fund municipal operations. Sales tax revenues, for instance, were tabbed to account for $10 million of the city’s budgeted $26.7 million in general fund revenues for 2020-21, or about 37 percent.

A drive across the city’s boundaries shows a bevy of warehouses have sprung up, some drawn by the lack of property taxes.

Luttenschlager did not respond to a question asking when construction would end on the new development.

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