Children in hundreds of Fort Bend County families will have at least one extra toy under the tree and a smile on their face this Christmas season, thanks to an annual holiday effort by the county to provide free gifts for children last weekend.

County officials and volunteers were out at the County Annex in Rosenberg for the county’s annual Christmas toy distribution event last Friday, giving away toys to children and families in need this holiday season.

Entities such as the Rosenberg Fire Department, Fort Bend Social Services, the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, Fort Bend Kids and Cops, and more served as toy collection sites for nearly 3,000 toys that were donated for the distribution. The contributions enabled the county to give away free toys to more than 1,000 families during Friday’s drive-through event, according to a Facebook post from Fort Bend County Judge KP George.

“We wanted to put a smile on their face – we want to make sure they have a holiday and a Christmas with presents,” he said in a video posted to his Facebook page prior to the event.

Lines were wrapped around the annex for the annual event, according to a report from the Houston Chronicle, as the county made an effort to help those families who may be struggling financially during the Christmas season.

“This is how we make a difference with our Fort Bend residents – our children, and especially our children born to economically-disadvantaged families,” George said. “We want to put cheer on their face during this holiday season.”

It’s all a part of the county’s effort, George said, to provide hope and support for all of Fort Bend County’s citizens – no matter the season, occasion or hardships presented.

“We will continue to serve our community with (these types of events), making Fort Bend County continue to be a better place for us, our children, and more generations to come,” he said.

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