Danielle Dobecka Inspired Fitness Fun in Fort Bend

Danielle Dobecka does weighted step-ups during her workout Monday with Inspired Fitness at Lost Creek Park in Sugar Land. (Photos by Stefan Modrich)

 It’s Friday morning at Sugar Land Town Square, and people looking to start their day with an adrenaline rush have taken to the square to work out together in what has become known as “free fitness Fridays on the plaza.”  

Leading one of those groups is Sugar Land resident Jennifer Faas, who runs a fitness program designed for mothers called Inspired Fitness.

After having her son about 14 years ago, Faas decided she needed some way to connect with other new moms to help cope with some of the stresses of postpartum life.

“When I had my son, I was looking for a way to meet other moms and lose the baby weight,”  Faas said.

So, she signed up for Baby Bootcamp, and then realized she could take the skills she had learned and start her own business. 

In 2017, Faas founded Inspired Fitness, where she and other women bond over motherhood and their shared desire to live healthy and active lifestyles and be there for each other as friends. 

Ellie Gasdia and Laura Cellucci exercise during their Inspired Fitness workout Monday at Lost Creek Park in Sugar Land. . 

Now she has a 5-year-old as well, and her fitness students have ranged from various stages of pregnancy. She said mothers are welcome to bring along children of all ages, who can exercise with their mothers or play on a nearby playground.

At 9:30 a.m. Monday and Wednesday as well as 9 a.m. Saturday, Faas holds classes at Lost Creek Park, 3703 Lost Creek Blvd., and occasionally at nearby Oyster Creek Park. 

She writes out each workout on a large dry-erase board, and leads the participants in warmups and cool-down stretches. The hour-long, full-body workout features cardio and strength workouts with medicine balls, dumbbells and resistance bands. 

“It’s truly a really good workout,” Faas said. “I do my workout at home in my garage and I kill myself every time. You get what you put into it.” 

Richmond resident Leomi Lott, one of Faas’ newest students, brought her 7-month-old son Leon in a stroller. She said an internet search for mom-friendly activities helped her find Inspired Fitness.

Lott said she had just started to work out again, and that it was helpful to her to be around other mothers who had gone through similar life experiences. 

“I would definitely like to make (attending the class) a part of my routine,” Lott said. “It’s a little bit of an effort (going out with a baby) because you have to take so much stuff. It’s not like getting out by yourself. But it’s definitely worth it.”

One of Faas’ longtime students, Danielle Dobecka, said she has been working out with Faas since her daughter Trudy was 10 months old. Trudy is now 4. 

“She’s able to work out with you at all levels of motherhood, which is really nice,” Dobecka said. 

Ellie Gasdia and Laura Cellucci exercise during their Inspired Fitness workout Monday at Lost Creek Park in Sugar Land. . 

Ellie Gasdia, whose daughter is 5, said her friends introduced her to Faas and that she has been attending Inspired Fitness classes for the last two-and-a-half years.

“You can go at your own pace,” Gasdia said. “That’s the beauty of this.” 

Laura Cellucci has two children, ages 3 and 5. She said it’s important for other moms to know they can start working out at their own comfort level. 

“You don’t have to come and be in perfect shape,” Cellucci said. “You just have to show up and start your workout journey.” 

The women all met through Inspired Fitness, but their bond has continued outside of doing burpees, planks and running laps. They have playdates with their children and meet up after their workouts as well.

“I’m always venting to (Cellucci) and I’m asking (Gasdia) for clothes,” Dobecka said. “It’s like a mommy network we now have. If we have problems, we can come to the group, not with a workout question but a mom issue, like, ‘How do I get my 4-year-old to go to sleep?’ And you can get four different perspectives on that while you work out and while your kids play.

For unlimited classes (four sessions per week) the cost is $65 per month, and the price is $45 for Saturday sessions plus a second day of choice. An eight-class pass is $85, and a single class is $20. Saturdays are free for families, and Faas said she is offering the first week of classes free. 

For more information, contact Faas at or 832-964-3056 or jennifer.faas@yahoo.com.

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