While rainy days aren’t uncommon for a Fort Bend County winter, they can sometimes throw you for a loop if you have outdoor plans.

So, on a rather misty Monday night, I was glad to have made a visit to Main Event at 12626 Fountain Lake Circle in Stafford.

I was pleasantly surprised to see as many people out on Monday night, although I’m not accustomed to being out on a weeknight myself.

For less than $20, I was able to buy an hour of bowling time and access to all of Main Event’s games, which include laser tag and more. If you’re hungry, there is food service (including a pizzeria) and a bar that will serve you food at your bowling lane.

I bowled five games and racked up an average score  of 115. I’ve certainly never been confused for a professional bowler, and considering the last time I visited a bowling alley was during a trip to New York last summer, I thought I fared reasonably well with my left-handed hook approach.

I was inconsistent, but there were certainly moments when I had a hot hand. In my third game, I managed to record a total score of 150 with three strikes and three spares, all of which came after knocking down the first nine pins in those frames.

Main Event has dozens of arcade games for me to try, from classics like Skee-Ball and “The World’s Biggest Pac-Man Game” to Mario Kart and a variety of basketball and football themed games where the objective was to either make a basket or throw the ball through a target. In the case of the football game, you were supposed to aim at three targets in descending order from smallest to largest, labeled “screen pass”, “play action” and long bomb, worth 20, 40, and 50 points respectively.

One interesting game I tried at Main Event that I’d never seen before called “Let’s Bounce” involved several table tennis balls and a board filled with orange LED lights that changed to blue when you bounced the balls on top of them, with the goal of turning the board blue. 

Others centered around the movies “Ghostbusters” and “Justice League” and allow you to vanquish ghosts and do battle against the most fearsome villains of the DC Comics universe. 

While I would normally stick to tried and true entertainment options like bowling and 8-ball pool, I liked having so many games at my fingertips and look forward to spending another rainy day at Main Event.

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