Readers' Choice 2021

Life inalterably changed for many in Fort Bend County in March 2020 as we learned to live in a pandemic and with the many, varied effects of COVID-19.

Like so many other facets of life, area businesses were forced to learn and adapt to continue providing the community with a range of services, from haircuts to food to entertainment and more.

While the shift didn’t go without some growing pains and tragedies, many businesses in Fort Bend County have emerged stronger as a result of those lessons learned during the toughest months.

This week’s paper includes our annual Reader’s Choice section, where we highlight the area businesses that have shined brightest, according to our readers.

Over the last couple of months, Fort Bend Star readers have voted online or submitted their choices via email for the best of the best in home improvement, entertainment and exercise facilities as well as where they think the best place is to catch a movie or grab a quick bite to eat.

Some of the places are familiar winners, such as Dr. Terry Snook and Advanced Hearing in Sugar Land or Hunan Garden Chinese restaurant in Rosenberg. Others may be places that some of our readers were previously unaware of, but can now check out thanks to our readers.

All of these businesses have looked a little bit different since COVID-19 first hit the region last year. But as evidenced by the votes from Star readers, they have continued their good faith efforts to provide their service to their community.

So if you’ve been to many of these businesses before, keep on going and supporting local. If you haven’t, then hopefully this can give you some new ideas for family outings, entertainment and more.

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