Earlier this year, Missouri City Councilmember Jeffrey L. Boney nominated Everett Land to serve on the city’s bond committee, in preparation for a November bond referendum.

Now, voters in Missouri City will decide on some $85 million in bond propositions. But they will also decide whether or not to replace Boney with Land as the District B representative on council.

Early voting started Monday and continues through Oct. 29. Election Day is Nov. 2.

“It’s time for new life and a new voice on council,” Land said.

Boney, a resident of the city since 2000, has served as the District B representative since winning election in November 2017. Land, meanwhile, is a retired AT&T technician who has served on communications boards and as a member of his homeowners’ association.

District B covers a wide swath of Missouri City, beginning near Lexington Boulevard and Scanlin Road in the north and coming south beyond State 6 and east as far as Sienna.

Land said he was first inspired to run for office during his time on the bond committee, because he didn’t feel the city or the council, including Boney, were responsive enough to the needs of specific neighborhoods.

Residents in District B want to see better parks, less cars parked on the street and other improvements, Land argues.

“The city just hasn’t been responding,” Land said. “Sun panels go up, and the people aren’t going to the city or asking the HOA. Storage sheds aren’t build up to regulation size.”

Boney, meanwhile, argues much has happened in the time he’s been on council.

“I feel strong about my track record,” he said. “I’ve done a lot to improve the district, I’ve been present and engaged and helped bring development and resources to the area. I’m optimistic my track record will resonate with voters.”

Some developments Boney is particularly proud of include new plans for an old building that used to house an H-E-B right off Cartwright Road, helping to institute an ethics commission and assisting residents in lowering the threshold needed to change a street name to 70 percent of those living on it, he said.

Other highlights include an Amazon facility moving into the district and new subdivisions that are still being built out, he said.

Boney also chided Land for taking a seat on the bond committee, and then running against him.

“To me, it’s oxymoronic, to claim credit for being the chairman of the bond committee, but then say the city isn’t providing resources to your area,” he said. “Here was your opportunity to do that. What does that say about your leadership?”

Missouri City voters will also have a chance to decide whether or not to approve three bond propositions totaling about $85.85 million for mobility, facility and parks and recreation projects across the city.

Land said he found the bond process frustrating, and that he didn’t have power to make the changes he wanted.

Land also has the time to dedicate to the job, and knows most of the neighborhoods because of his service on the homeowners’ association, he said.

“I talk to candidates all the time,” he said. “They always talk about what they plan to do. I’m asking the people in my community what they want, instead of telling them what I’m going to do for them. I’m getting good response from people.”

Ultimately, residents will decide the fate of the District B seat, Boney said.

“It’s the people’s seat, and the people will decide,” he said.

The November election comes at a critical time for the city as the council is also searching for a new city manager. The city has had somewhat of a revolving door at the position in recent years, having fired Odis Jones in April in a 4-3 council vote. Jones succeeded Anthony Snipes, who was fired in February 2020, also in a 4-3 vote.

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