Sugar Land videographers

City of Sugar Land videographers Roman Perez (left) and Jake Schnitzer recently earned three first-place finishes and seven total recognitions in the annual Texas Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors awards. (Photo from city of Sugar Land)

The City of Sugar Land said Jan. 5 that digital communications manager Jake Schnitzer and digital journalist Roman Perez with the city’s communications office were recently recognized by the Texas Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors for their excellence in producing videos for the city.

A news release from the city said the annual awards “showcase excellence in video programming in Texas and are among the most prestigious honors in government communications.” Schnitzer and Perez won seven total state honors – including three first-place finishes – for efforts to make local government more accessible and transparent with their videos, according to the release.

Sugar Land’s Memorial Day 2020 event video, made during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, won first place in the community events category, while the city’s “Best Tasting Water in America” announcement took home the top spot in the public education category. Its “Where does Sugar Land’s water come from?” video also took home top honors in the documentary category.

Additionally, the city’s Mobility Master Plan video took third place in the public education category, while its 2020 Census “Do the Math” video was awarded third place in the public service announcement category.

“Jake and Roman are professional storytellers whose creative contributions to our city are indispensable,” Sugar Land Communications Director Doug Adolph said. “They work collaboratively with employees throughout the city to produce creative, professional content that makes governance more accessible and transparent, provides awareness of important services and programs, contributes to around-the-clock updates during emergencies and highlights the efforts of our champion employees who deliver the quality services our citizens expect.”

Schnitzer and Perez’s videos were selected out of 314 submissions from 31 cities across the state, according to the release.

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