Despite the fact Meadows Place voters find themselves making a momentous choice on whether or not to switch to a home rule charter, a visit to the voting station at city hall last week was almost an urban retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

In an hour spent outside city hall last Wednesday afternoon, not a single voter entered or left the building. And across Fort Bend County – including even in Missouri City, where voters have council races and ballot propositions – the story was much the same.

Leading up to Tuesday’s Election Day, a total of 12,513 people voted in person during early voting from Oct. 18-29, according to Fort Bend County election data. That’s about 2.5 percent of all registered voters based on 2020 election data, according to the Texas Secretary of State.

For those that did turn out, however, many did so because of the few contested races on the ballot, or out of a sense of duty to vote.

“I vote in every election,” said Angie Wierzbicki of Missouri City. “But this one was particularly important because I live in Missouri City, where they are council elections. I live in District B, which is contested.”

Wierzbicki lives in the boundaries of District B in Missouri City, where Everett Land is running against incumbent Jeffrey Boney. Boney has served as the District B representative since winning election in November 2017.

The other contested election in Missouri City is for the District A seat, where Reginald Pearson, Monica Riley and Bruce Zaborowski are all running to replace councilmember Cheryl Sterling, who opted not to run for reelection.

The three ballot propositions totaling $85 million are another reason it is important to vote, especially in Missouri City, Wierzbicki said.

Voters are deciding whether or not to approve three bond propositions totaling about $85.85 million for mobility, facility and parks and recreation projects across the city.

Wierzbicki voted on the first day of early voting, and said in many ways local elections are even more important than the national ones.

They affect every day, she said. For instance, the bonds are about streets and parks, she said.

Of all those Fort Bend County residents have voted in person during early voting, those in Missouri City by far make up the largest percentage. More than 2,900 people voted early within Missouri City – with the 923 voters in Weston Lakes the largest number in other jurisdictions.

Stay tuned online at www.fortbendstar.com for the latest results on election night.

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