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Troy Nehls

Officials with the Federal Election Commission are seeking answers from U.S. Rep. Troy Nehls about financial records he kept during the 2020 election.

Members of the commission in a series of letters sent to the freshman lawmaker from Fort Bend County ask questions about discrepancies in the beginning and ending campaign balance, receiving donations over the federal limit, failing to disclose a conduit that passed along contributions and how campaign money was spent.

No one from the Republican lawmaker’s office had responded to multiple requests for comment about the matter as of Monday afternoon.

The commission on June 17 sent letters to Nehls’ campaign treasurer, Chad Norvell, seeking an explanation for four possible violations of federal election campaign donation limits.

One person donated $2,800 twice – once in September and once in October 2020 – whereas the federal limit per election is $2,800 for an individual, according to the letter.

Another person made six donations totaling $4,500, according to the letter.

The commission also sought information about another $2,500 donation from an entity that could be an illegal corporate contribution, according to the letter.

Nehls’ campaign filings also showed a beginning cash balance unequal to the ending balance of the 30-day post-general report, according to another letter.

Officials with the commission also had questions about Nehls’ 12-day pre-general campaign report that included a receipt for $1,685 for reimbursement of personal purposes, according to another letter.

Another letter seeks information about contributions earmarked through a conduit, according to the documents. But the report doesn’t disclose required information about the conduit.

The letters, which were sent June 17, give officials with Nehls until July 22 to respond to the questions, or the commission could start an audit or take enforcement action. It’s not clear if Nehls has responded to the letters.

Nehls, who served as the Fort Bend County Sheriff for eight years, toppled Democrat Sri Preston Kulkarni to take the 22nd District seat, succeeding former U.S. Rep. Pete Olson, a fellow Republican who retired.

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