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Missouri City voters in November could be tasked with deciding whether or not to pass about $96 million in bond referendums, the first for the city since 2014.

An exploratory committee is reviewing a list of street, park and other projects to make final determinations that will soon come before the city council, said Everett Land, the committee’s chairman.

“We haven’t yet gotten all the answers to the questions that I have,” Land said. “That’s why we are going to have another meeting. We’re trying to get the committee as educated as possible.”

The committee is weighing three ballot items dedicated to streets, parks and other projects, including improvements to the La Quinta Golf Course, that would total about $96 million, Land said. If approved, the three items would raise taxes by about $147 per year on the average home worth about $255,000, Land said.

Residents have expressed support for some items being considered for the bond referendum. About 49 percent of respondents in a 2020 citizen survey, for instance, said they considered the overall maintenance of streets and infrastructure the biggest priority for the city moving forward, according to information provided by the city.

But some Missouri City residents have questioned the need to spend money to renovate a golf course, Land said.

And the tax increase, especially in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, has made even Land tread carefully moving forward, he said.

“Coming out of COVID, a lot of people are still out of work,” he said. “That kind of makes me think about it. And the cost of everything has gone up.”

If the council approves the bond referendum as it exists currently, voters will have the option to consider three different items – one for streets, roadways and mobility improvements, a second for facilities and a third for parks and recreation.

Aug. 16 is the last day to call for a bond referendum, according to the city.

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