Representatives for a subdivision in Missouri City are considering filing a lawsuit against the city after the latest redistricting placed them in a new council district.

“I will say we’re considering our options,” said Jim Fonteneaux, president of the Meadowcreek Association.

The city council earlier this month approved new electoral boundaries for the council positions to account for population growth in the Fort Bend County municipality. In a narrow 4-3 vote, the council approved Map C – one of five available district maps that the council mulled.

But while city leaders have cautioned that redistricting is solely meant to address population growth and that some neighborhoods had to move to new districts, about 100 residents from the Meadowcreek subdivision appeared at the council meeting where the new map was approved to protest the decision.

“I oppose this redistricting,” one resident said during public comments. “It doesn’t make much sense. It looks like gerrymandering is going on.”

Still other residents in the neighborhood called on the city to delay voting on new maps to give residents more time to understand and comment on changes.

The city’s charter requires the council to conduct redistricting at least once every 10 years and city leaders have presented the maps in about eight virtual meetings and in-person meetings to garner public input, according to city attorney E. Joyce Iyamu in a March 25 interview.

The new maps were meant to alleviate the fact that District D – Councilmember Floyd Emery’s district – was overcrowded based on 2020 U.S. Census data, Iyamu said.

Fonteneaux, who spoke before council, cautioned city leaders that Map C would move the subdivision from District B over to District A – a move that would dilute the Hispanic vote, he said. 

Fonteneaux in subsequent conversation with the Fort Bend Star questioned why it makes sense to split the Quail Valley and Hunters Glen subdivisions into separate council districts when they could have picked a map that kept them intact.

Councilmember Jeffrey Boney, who previously represented the Meadowcreek subdivision, told attendees that he had to consider everything and that some neighborhoods would be disappointed no matter which map the council chose.

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