Sugar Land

Some residents of Sugar Land could begin to see their water meters being replaced starting next year.

Sugar Land’s city council recently approved a $1.1 million contract for an Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) project during which the city will aim to “enhance efficiencies, address aging infrastructure, and improve the system's operation, integrity, customer service and sustainability,” according to a news release from the city.

The new water meters would remotely monitor and diagnose meter operation issues, preemptively prioritize and manage maintenance issues and remotely control and optimize all aspects of the distribution systems using “data-driven insights” to help citizens make better decisions about their usage, according to the city.

It would also reduce water losses in the city's water distribution system with improved customer meter accuracy, mitigate unauthorized consumption, and prevent errors in data transfer and billing, the city said.

"AMI is an integrated system of customer water meters, communication networks and data management systems that provides real-time water use information to the city and its residents," city engineer Jessie Li said. "Not only does this project help keep our community safe by maintaining a safe, reliable water supply for future generations, but it does so in a way that invests in our city infrastructure to save money for our citizens."

The project timeline includes a three-year implementation plan to replace water meters throughout the city, according to the news release. Phases two through four will include design, procurement and implementation/deployment oversight, with work to begin in 2022 according to the city.

Affected homeowners will be notified before work begins, the city said.

For more about the city’s water resources plan, community members can visit

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