Sugar Land

A $1.9 million drainage project meant to reduce flooding in Sugar Land’s Greatwood subdivision by replacing inlets and installing new storm sewer infrastructure, among other improvements, will begin soon.

The city council last week signed off on the project in Greatwood, using funds from the $90.76 million bond propositions that voters approved in November 2019, according to a city news release.

“During a storm on May 7, 2019, the Greatwood subdivision received more than 13 inches of rain in nine hours,” said Jessie Li, the city’s engineer. “This was an extreme rainfall event that caused severe street ponding, and several homes in Greatwood Village experienced structural flooding. This project addresses a need identified by our residents and demonstrates our commitment to deliver projects approved by voters in the 2019 bond election.”

Crews will begin work on the project in November and work should complete in October 2022, according to a news release.

The project will include drainage improvements in the area east of Crabb River Road, north of Sansbury Boulevard, west of Greatwood Parkway and south of the Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District No. 11 Middle Bayou, according to the city.

As part of the project, crews will remove and replace existing inlets and reinforced concrete pipe as needed to tie into the existing storm sewer system, install new inlets, manholes and junction boxes, replace street concrete pavement and curb damaged during the system’s installation, adjust or replace sanitary sewer service lines, and abandon or remove existing pipe and manholes on the replaced storm sewer lines.

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