Missouri City toddler turns TikTok fame into CBS appearance 

Pictured are Missouri City residents Jaime Crawford, left, and Will Crawford with their son Cannon.

Missouri City’s Cannon Crawford has a way with words. His parents, Jaime and Will Crawford, have been documenting their young son’s growth and development through the lens of TikTok, where he has become a sensation.

“He has quite the personality,” Jaime said. “He’s pretty hilarious. He’s not even (2 years old) yet, so the words he uses are pretty advanced usually (for his age).”

Jaime began using the social media application to showcase Cannon’s dance moves in March, when she captured him performing the Baby Shark dance, which is based on a viral video created by Pinkfong, a South Korean education company.

On June 20, Jaime’s account surged into the social media spotlight when she posted her son trying to pronounce the name of one of his favorite foods – tomatoes. The post garnered 6.8 million views, 1 million likes and caught the attention of CBS, which reached out to the Crawfords and is including their video on the show it produces called “The Greatest #AtHome Videos.”

The video featuring Cannon is scheduled to air on tonight’s episode, which starts at 7 p.m.

“It definitely blew up a lot more than we were anticipating,” Jaime said. “But I guess people just love to hear babies try to say words that (the babies) can’t (say yet).”

Cannon’s effort. TikTok users have no doubt been entertained as Jaime’s account, @jaimecrawford34, now has 33,500 followers.


The struggle is real 😂 cuteness overload! #fyp #foryoupage #toddler #cutebaby #foryou #tomatochallenge

♬ original sound – jamiecrawford34

When Cannon tries to pronounce tomato, he says the first syllable and adds in some gibberish.

“He loves tomatoes,” Jaime said. “We were watching ‘Veggie Tales,’ and Bob the Tomato came on the screen. I tried to get him to say ‘Bob the Tomato’ and obviously he could say ‘Bob’ super easily. But then he got tripped up on the tomato part. So that’s when that whole thing kind of started.

“For some reason, he could not say tomato. And the more we laughed, obviously, the more (likely it was) he wouldn’t do it.”

Jaime said TikTok provided a way for the family to entertain friends and other relatives with their son’s progress from infancy into childhood.

“It was really nice to give them a little insight into what Cannon is up to these days,” Jaime said.

Now the entire country will have a chance to watch Cannon.

“We’re pretty excited to see it,” Jaime said. “We’re all going to have a little watch party for it.”

The show’s premise, according to a CBS/Viacom news release, is to highlight the “creativity, humor and humanity” of the shared experience of quarantining and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The show is hosted by Cedric The Entertainer.

At one-and-half years old, Cannon may not be able to fully grasp the significance of his social media stardom and impending network television fame. But his mother has shown him the viral video of himself, and the pronunciation of tomato continues to elude him.

“Now, more than ever, he refuses to say tomato,” Jaime said. “Now he just says it (exactly how he says it in the video). Any time you prompt him to say it, he knows exactly what (you’re doing). He’s like a little actor, it’s insane. So, now we’re trying to get him to say ‘rectangle’ but he does the same thing. He’s catching on to us videoing him and he really likes to be in front of the camera, so it will be interesting to see kind of what he comes up with in the future. He’s a funny little kid.”

Cannon will turn 2 in October, and in November, the Crawfords are expecting his sister, Charlee. Will the siblings become a TikTok duet?

“We’ll see if she has her brother’s outgoing personality,” Jaime said.

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