Review: Hunan Garden a Rosenberg tradition

Pictured is the almond chicken during a recent visit to Hunan Garden in Rosenberg. (Photo by Stefan Modrich)

Sometimes it’s the small details that make a place worthwhile. The friendly staff constantly replenishing tall glasses of iced tea amid the relentless heat beating on the door. A fortune cookie with a note foretelling of a “prospect of a thrilling time ahead of you.”

Dining out may not be a thrill during a global pandemic, but if it’s done with care, sometimes a brief escape is all you need.

The Wang family has carved out an important niche in Rosenberg history during its 36 years of operating Hunan Garden, a destination for travelers in and outside the Greater Houston area.

Open again for dine-in after initially being limited to takeout due to COVID-19, one of Fort Bend County’s most popular Chinese restaurants remains in high demand both in-person and for to-go orders.

Hunan Garden has a second location in Kingwood that opened in 1987. The Kingwood restaurant is taking online orders.

But back in Rosenberg, where it all started, I saw servers carrying heaping plates of Szechuan Beef and General Tsao’s Chicken, Hunan Garden’s most popular dish.

There are a litany of lunch specials starting at under $10.

I believe it’s within my purview to try things I’ve never eaten before, and not just things within my comfort zone. I made a blind choice of nearly 50 menu items, and selected the almond chicken ($8.95). I balanced out the unfamiliar dish with an appetizer of WonTon soup, the classic bowl of pork dumplings.

The ginger, carrots and broccoli stems were snappy and crisp. Both the scent and the crunch of the almonds was pleasing, and along with the brown rice, it gave the meal a body and sense of equilibrium. The egg roll had a sweet, almond-like flavor and was the biggest surprise for me.

No matter if you’re going to order a spicy dish like Kung Pao Beef ($12.45), deep-fried Phoenix Shrimp ($13.95) or a Light Vegetarian Plate ($8.95), my advice would be to help yourself to a generous amount of sweet and sour sauce.

Want to compare your fortune cookie reading to mine, or share any other thoughts on Chinese food or other restaurants in Fort Bend County?

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