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The Chicken Sandwich from Witt Pit BBQ in Rosenberg is shown during a recent visit. (Photo by Stefan Modrich)



In just five years, Witt Pit BBQ has managed to gain quite a foothold in the Fort Bend County barbecue scene.

I made the trip out to the restaurant, situated in the Garden Acres neighborhood of Rosenberg, thanks to an emailed suggestion from Doug Earle, who called it “the best” in Fort Bend County.

I wish I would have asked Earle about a few things before I made my visit on Dec. 29, the most important of those being where to park. The small, modest-looking building welcomes guests with a nicely-decorated and inviting front porch. I drove around and saw Witt Pit’s marquee sign from both sides, just to make sure I wasn’t merely imagining that the sign said “CLOSED.”

But a blinking neon “OPEN” light and a parking lot full of cars between the peak lunch hours of  noon and 1 p.m. told me otherwise.

As it turned out, before I left, I saw that the marquee had been updated to reflect their holiday hours, reading “COME ON 2021!” and CLOSED 1/1-1/4”. And can anyone really fault them for feeling that way?

A word to the wise: With space at a premium, be especially vigilant of other cars trying to sneak in to the spot that you’ve been waiting for, because at least in my case, they have shown that they will certainly try.

Ultimately, I understood why people were so eager to get their hands on a plate of barbecue, as I could smell Witt Pit’s oak-smoked meats and easily see its giant smokers, which are proudly displayed under a rustic tin barn-like structure.

My barbecue chicken sandwich ($7, $10 for any meat sandwich combo with a side and a drink) was juicy and tender, with a simple salt-and-pepper rub providing plenty of flavor. The sauce was a lively addition to the meal. I was dished out plenty of pickles, jalapeños, and onions, thanks to a fully-staffed station of masked and gloved workers in the adjacent dining room which handles individually wrapped condiment kits and cups for drinks (self-served at the fountain), something that many customers, including myself, seemed to appreciate.

If anyone can vouch for the Peach Cobbler ($3), Banana Pudding ($3), or the Witt Taters ($5), cheesy and buttered red potatoes that can be served vegetarian or with brisket, turkey, or sausage for $4 more, I would like to give that a shot next time I’m in the area.

As we embark on a new year of food discoveries in Fort Bend County, please continue to send your tips and recommendations to @StefanJModrich on Twitter or write to smodrich@fortbendstar.com.

Witt Pit BBQ

Address: 2516 1st St., Rosenberg

Dining Options: Dine-in, takeout, no-contact delivery via DoorDash, Favor, Grubhub, and Postmates

Hours: 11 a.m.-sold out, Tuesday-Saturday

Entrée prices: $7-$11

Kid-friendly: Yes

Senior discount: No

Healthy options: None

Star of the show: BBQ Chicken Sandwich

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