Fresh & Savory

Pictured are the BLT and turkey muffuletta from Stafford's Fresh & Savory.

A step inside Stafford’s Fresh & Savory Deli and Grill is about the closest I imagine you can come in Fort Bend County to one of New York City’s famous walk-in delis.

I’m not sure if I happened to catch it on the right day, or if it’s always like this, but on a recent visit to the local deli to pick up food for a review, I walked into the joint and found a line almost to the door, along with a host of patrons waiting patiently at long tables for their food to arrive.

No doubt because of the lunch crowd, my own order was running slightly behind, so I took my place at a table next to two other patrons while I waited.

“Have you been here before?” I asked them.

One said no, but the other, with a sense of stoic humor, answered, “Oh, only a few thousand times.”

As it happened, the frequent visitor might have been on to something.

When I finally made it home with my sandwiches in tow, I discovered a world of flavor and craftsmanship that already has me yearning to return to the deli in the unsuspecting strip center.

To preface this review, I should say that at any given time, I have a small hankering for a muffuletta – that Sicilian sesame bread sandwich popularized in New Orleans.

Fresh & Savory, then, proved beneficial, not only because the muffuletta was listed prominently on their menu, but they even had their own unique take on the New Orleans favorite in the turkey muffuletta.

I opted for the turkey muffuletta as well as a BLT in order to fully explore the variety of flavors offered by the Stafford deli.

The provolone and turkey melded well together on the muffuletta and, combined with the pickled olive dressing and sesame bun, made for a flavorful and exciting eating experience.

The BLT, meanwhile, came served with an almost overabundance of perfectly fried bacon and strong ingredients.

Both sandwiches were also large enough that I had enough saved for leftovers the next day.

Not only that, but Fresh & Savory’s pricing was more than reasonable.

Having discovered the place almost by sheer happenstance (a cursory Google search), you can bet I’ll be making another trip to the popular deli sometime soon. Perhaps I’ll take that second visit to try one of their tasty-looking pastas.

Fresh & Savory Deli and Grill

Address: 12343 Murphy Road E., Stafford

Hours: 11 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday

Entrée prices: $7.25-$11.75

Kid-friendly: Yes

Senior discount: No

Alcohol: No

Healthy options: Dr McClung Salad ($8.50)

Star of the show: BLT

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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