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The Chicken tikka sub, pictured with french fries and a mango lassi, was just part of an impressive recent visit to Sara's Burgers and Gyros in Sugar Land. (Photo by Matt deGrood)

Sara’s Burgers & Gyros is at once one of the county’s hidden gems and also perfectly emblematic of what makes the Fort Bend County food scene so special.

Perhaps my lack of internet sleuthing skills are to blame, but it took me awhile before stumbling across the Sugar Land halal restaurant. On lists of the best restaurants in county cities, I didn’t see this listed anywhere.

But once I did find it listed, the restaurant’s menu looked so intriguing I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to visit.

To start, Sara’s is a restaurant almost entirely without frills. Tucked behind a gas station, I almost would have missed it entirely if not for the helpful assistance of my iPhone. Inside are a few plain tables that don’t look enough to seat a hungry lunch crowd.

What Sara’s lacks in interior décor, however, it more than makes up with an inventive and delicious menu.

If you’re looking for something a little more conventional, Sara’s has that in spades. Whether it’s a chicken sandwich or a gyro or a hamburger, this could easily be your spot if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat during lunch.

Looking a bit deeper into the menu, however, one notices a handful of truly unique options.

For instance, before last week, I didn’t realize chicken tikka sub sandwiches existed. But now I wonder how I could have gone so long without trying them.

During my visit, I opted for a chicken tikka sub sandwich and made it a meal for just a few dollars more to get some tasty fries and a mango lassi to go along with it.

Nothing I tried was bad, but the sandwich was definitely the standout. These days, anytime someone advertises something as spicy, I come to it with an air of caution.

This was exactly as advertised. The chicken was seasoned to perfection and perfectly cooked to absorb the tasty spice and pack each bite full of flavor.

The restaurant didn’t hold back on how much chicken it packed into the sandwich, either. Eating the sub wasn’t exactly a clean task, so at the end I picked up a fork and ate a few pieces of chicken that fell out of the sandwich alone.

Funny enough, before my stomach caught up to me, I was almost ready to walk back up to the counter and order a second it was so good. But by the time I sat with my thoughts for a moment, I realized how full I really was.

And all of it was for a more than reasonable price.

I cannot recommend Sara’s highly enough.

Sara’s Burgers & Gyros

Address: 13420A W Bellfort Blvd., Sugar Land

Hours: 11 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday

Entrée prices: $7.49-$11.99

Kid-friendly: Yes

Alcohol: No

Senior discount: No

Healthy options: Fish over rice ($9.99)

Star of the show: Chicken tikka sub ($8.99)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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