Esther Schinzler

Esther Schinzler

After coronavirus cases in Fort Bend County reached a peak in September, hospitals across the region have seen fewer admittances in recent weeks, according to medical experts.

Coronavirus patients comprised just 7.88 percent of total operational hospital beds in Fort Bend County as of Sunday, a decrease from 10.38 percent on Sept. 27, according to data from the SouthEast Texas Regional Advisory Council, or SETRAC, which tracks hospital statistics for the region.

“We have passed our most recent peak and been declining all week,” said Esther Schinzler, spokesperson for Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. “Four hundred twenty-four COVID patients system-wide today. It looks like all of our community hospitals are showing a similar trend.”

Officials with Houston Methodist urged continued caution and vaccinations to stave off future waves. But officials with Fort Bend Health & Human Services did not respond to a request for comment about the decline in cases, or questions about what goes into ending a wave.

Fort Bend County is not the only place to see a significant decline in hospital admissions since the surge in cases in September.

Southern states such as Texas took the brunt of the summer surge of COVID-19 because of the delta variant of the virus, with hospital admissions going above 100,000 per week in early September, according to a Washington Post article. But those admissions are now on track to decline below 100,000, according to the article.

County health officials in August moved the community risk back up to red, for high community risk. The level warns unvaccinated residents to stay home and stay safe.

More than 81,750 county residents have contracted COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic, with some 75,399 recoveries and 889 deaths, according to the county’s dashboard.

More than 427,800 residents have been fully vaccinated, or some 73 percent of the population older than 12, according to the dashboard.

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