Esther Schinzler

Esther Schinzler

A growing concern about the spike in delta variant cases of coronavirus has led to more people getting vaccinated in recent days, at least in some parts of Fort Bend County.

For instance, doctors at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital administered more than 2,000 vaccines, including more than 1,400 first-dose vaccines on Aug. 10, said Esther Schinzler, spokesperson for the hospital. That number was the highest one-day total since the start of May, she said.

The news comes as good news for local medical experts, as more than 97 percent of patients at the hospital have tested positive for the delta variant, Schinzler said.

“Also, on the first two days of this week, we administered a total of almost 3,600 vaccines, doubling the volume we were seeing a month ago,” she said.

While some individual hospitals and groups were seeing a burst of vaccine success amid fears of the delta variant, it’s not clear Fort Bend County as a whole has seen such a big uptick.

Some 796 people on Aug. 8 and 306 people on Aug. 9 received the coronavirus vaccine, a sizeable decline from a high of more than 8,000 per day in mid-March 2021, according to data provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

There has, however, been a general uptick in vaccinations across the state, said Douglas Lovelady, a spokesperson for the state department of health services.

Fort Bend County saw an increase of about 300 new coronavirus cases each day last week, and health officials expect an increase this week, according to county health officials.

Dozens of hospitals across the state ran out of intensive care unit beds over the weekend as delta variant cases spiked, according to an article in the Texas Tribune.

The vast majority of new coronavirus cases have been among unvaccinated Fort Bend County residents, according to health experts.

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