Positivity is progress for sure. That was one of the comments posted on our website by Amy Morgan, an area reader of the Fort Bend Star. It serves as a reminder about how it’s good take a step back from some of the gloom and doom we have endured for a good part of 2020, which has been marred by the pandemic.

News features and other stories about recent events and happenings can be positive mood changers outside the cold, hard news. That’s not to say it’s not good to stay informed. But take in a balanced dosage of news as studies have shown that sometimes worries or anxieties may not be necessarily related to jolting news stories themselves, but rather such emotions may be triggered by them. So living in balance is both good for our mental and physical health, even when it comes to keeping up with the news.

Hope springs eternal, wrote the poet Alexander Pope. And now more than ever it is apropos. Attitudes about hoping for the best in the face of adversity is a good thing.

These days, media updates at the forefront are about new COVID-19 infection numbers and deaths, the constant reminder of the importance of being “covidient,” a new slang term about following rules and regulations related to the pandemic. I’m that – covidient – and have also embraced the belief that things will get better, in part because of it.

Already reports indicate the country’s jobless claims have fallen below 1 million for the first time since the pandemic started, and the activity level here at home seems a bit heightened, too, especially on a Saturday. Some businesses in Fort Bend have been supported by the Fort Bend County Small Business Emergency Assistance Grant Program, which utilizes funds from the federal CARES Act and provides up to $25,000 to small businesses of this area, and that’s helped out.

We hear that local restaurants are offering more outdoor dining space and the AMC theater on Town Center Boulevard next to the First Colony Mall will reopen its movie screens in Sugar Land on Thursday. The cost of a ticket that day will be 15 cents in commemoration of the first AMC theater that opened in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1920. That’s the amount patrons were charged back then. Reports indicate the AMC theater re-openings will occur in multiple locations throughout Texas. So for this part of the state, in addition to the AMC First Colony 24 in Sugar Land, the others are AMC Fountains 18 in Stafford and AMC Katy Mills 20.

And if you like the feel of going to movies, it’s worth checking out Walmart’s free drive-in events across the country about to begin. Locations include Richmond, Katy, Pearland and many others throughout the Houston metro area.

Today we’re about the good, the bad and the ever so ugly during these challenging times. But keep reading because good news is in the making, just like so many other accomplishments.

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