Voters this November will decide whether or not to approve five ballot propositions totaling $1.72 billion that would allow one of Fort Bend County’s school districts to build additional schools and facilities in a bid to keep pace with a growing student population.

The Lamar Consolidated ISD board of trustees last week signed off on placing the propositions on the Nov. 8 ballot, with only one trustee – Jon Welch – voting in opposition.

“We want to make sure when students leave Lamar CISD they are sought after – not just competitive,” Superintendent Roosevelt Nivens said. “We want to make sure that when they leave us, they have choices and opportunity.”

News of the November bond referendum comes less than two years after voters split on four propositions in 2020, approving more than $660 million in projects while rejecting two propositions that would have constructed a stadium and other athletic facilities, according to a Houston Chronicle article.

One of those rejected proposals, for a second football stadium, is set to reappear at Proposition E on the November ballot, which would allocate more than $194 million to buy land and build the stadium, according to the district.

District administrators claim a second bond referendum following so quickly on the heels of the one in 2020 is because of rapid growth in student enrollment, especially at the northern edge of the district.

Lamar Consolidated ISD as of the 2020-21 school year enrolled about 36,520 students, which is up from about 26,130 students as of the 2013-14 school year, according to district demographic data.

Proposition A, which is the largest of the five items on November’s ballot, would set aside $1.31 billion to build four elementary schools, a middle school and a complex containing a junior high, a middle school and a high school, according to a district presentation. Using funding from Proposition A, the district would also add gym and cafeteria seating to several high schools, while also increasing safety and security at campuses, buying new buses and improving technology infrastructure.

Proposition B would set aside $189.2 million to build a district career and technology center, according to the district.

Proposition C would allocate about $16.7 million for classroom technology and equipment, according to the presentation.

Proposition D would allocate about $4.9 million to add LED lighting and turf to Traylor Stadium, according to the presentation.

And Proposition E would help construct a 10,000-seat second football stadium, according to the presentation.

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