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An investigation into Stafford MSD Superintendent Robert Bostic’s contract will determine which of two documents is valid, school board vice president Greg Holsapple told the Fort Bend Star last week, more than a month after the board of trustees voted to hire a law firm to investigate.

Trustees have not received any updates about the investigation, but are eager to hear something soon so the district can move forward, Holsapple said.

“This is not a big deal, more of a nuisance,” Holsapple said. “In my personal opinion, I voted against this investigation. The reason is that it’s going to cost a lot of money. We haven’t gotten a bill for it yet, but I honestly think this could have been worked out personally. But some on the board wanted the investigation.”

Holsapple’s comments about the investigation are the first public words to the Star about the matter since trustees in a 5-1 vote hired Austin-based Sara Leon & Associates, PLLC to investigate the superintendent’s contract and a Level 3 grievance filed by the CFO.

Stafford MSD officials in the weeks since that vote have been tight-lipped about the matter. District spokesperson Gracie Martinez last week referred all questions about the matter to the board of trustees.

And the district is fighting the public release of documents connected to the investigation. In response to an open records request submitted by the Fort Bend Star, the district’s legal representatives filed an appeal to the Texas Attorney General’s Office in an attempt to withhold the requested information from the public.

The Star requested a copy of the grievance filed by the chief financial officer, a copy of the contract executed between the district and outside law firm and written correspondence about the superintendent’s contract among board members and administrators.

Holsapple last week said the board hadn’t received any updates about the progress of the investigation since hiring the law firm, but said he hoped more details would arrive soon.

“I’m concerned because the longer it takes, the more money it’s going to cost the district,” he said. “It takes funding away from school kids.”

In Holsapple’s telling, the district is in possession of two superintendent contracts prepared by different law firmsd. The purpose of the investigation is to determine which of the two is valid, he said.

“I’m here to assure everyone that there’s no issue where the board wants to get rid of the superintendent,” he said.

Even if the investigation determines the district had been using the wrong contract, Holsapple said he is confident board members would work with Bostic to keep him in place.

“The superintendent is doing a bangup job, and we’re happy with him,” he said. “A couple of board members may have other feelings, but I can say that’s not the general consensus.”

Board member Dawn Reichling did not respond to a request for comment about the matter as of Monday afternoon.

Per the terms of the superintendent’s contract signed in February 2021 and available online, Bostic earns a yearly salary of $296,700.44 as well as $10,000 bonuses for each campus that receives an A rating in state performance standards, retirement benefits and a longevity pay increase of $2,555.14 per month every year of service, according to the document.

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Sad, sad, sad. Just a bunch of hateful bitter individuals (that need to go) that are on a witch hunt going after a wonderful Superintendent that has done marvelous things for Stafford MSD. This is the world we live in today though, jealous and hateful individuals always want to tear down a good person.

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