By Landan Kuhlmann


Wharton County Junior College (WCJC) is trying to give both returning and potential students a way to attend school in spite of financial challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

WCJC, which has a campus in Sugar Land, announced Dec. 18 that it has created the WCJC – Fund Your Future initiative to help students cope with the costs of education amidst the pandemic.

“Our highest goal here at the college is to provide our students with all of the resources they need to be successful,” WCJC President Betty McCrohan said in a news release. “WCJC offers a wide array of assistance that makes college more affordable for all of our students. Don’t let finances hold you back from attending.”

Among the scholarship offerings will be:

  • CARES Welcome Back to WCJC Scholarship
  • 2020 Spring Endowment scholarship
  • Tuition and fee installment plans
  • Discounted tuition and fees program
  • Pell grants
  • Federal direct student loans
  • Spring 2021 first-time scholarship
  • Spring 2021 “Welcome back” scholarship
  • Debt forgiveness program
  • Spring endowment scholarship

Classes for the Spring 2021 semester will begin Jan. 19. Face masks will still be required of all students, employees and visitors on WCJC campuses, while online classes will remain available for those who wish to attend virtually.

For more information on the Fund Your Future scholarships, including how to apply, visit wcjc.edu/About-Us/administration/offices/financial-aid/WCJC-Fund-Your-Future.aspx.

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